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Tenchi Takahashi is the titular hero of "Legend of the Otaku." He is a senior at Kōsaten High School, in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan.

Fictional Biography

Tenchi is the youngest child of Touma and Midori Takahashi, born in the town of Kōsaten on the northern coast of Japan. He has an older sister, Ichika, who bullied her awkward younger brother throughout their childhood.

Growing up, Tenchi's best friends were his neighbor Kaori and his fellow-otaku Goro. He discovered a passion for video games, anime, and manga at a young age and never outgrew them.

During his second year in high school, Tenchi's parents were offered a job managing the Coconut Fun Timeshare Resort in Fiji. His older sister, Ichika, moved to Tokyo after graduation and now works as a hostess in a Rippongi night club.

Although his parents provide him with a monthly stipend, Tenchi also has an after-school job delivering ramen for Rockin' Momo Ramen. Almost all of his wages are spent on anime boxed sets, manga volumes, and the dozens of PVC figures filling his bedroom.

Powers and Abilities

After bonding with a transdimensional tap crystal while assisting Anju Nakamatsu, Tenchi acquired the ability to focus his fanboy enthusiasm, thereby buffing the abilities of his allies. As a type of otaku-shaman, he is also able to empower his beloved PVC figures, which in turn bolster his natural abilities. As his powers grow, Tenchi is able to manifest other abilities he has seen in video games and anime, including throwing a chi-infused fireball and raining gacha balls down on his enemies.

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