Prof. Hiro Nakamatsu is a native of Kosaten, who lived the majority of his life in Valhalla, the capital city of the continent of Asgard.

Fictional Biography

Prof. Nakamatsu was born in Kosaten, Japan. While playing in the woods with his childhood friend, Hiroki Namura, young Hiro accidentally wandered through a naturally-occurring transdimensional portal, finding himself in the palace gardens of Valhalla. He was discovered by a young prince named Grunfeld Magis, whom he quickly befriended. Alone and scared, the king and queen agreed to raise Hiro as their ward and a playmate for their son. Hiro's sharp mind and otherworldly knowledge made him a valuable asset to the kingdom and Grunfeld appointed him as the royal science advisor when he took the throne.

As a young man, Hiro married Nicola Silvestri, the captain of the Queen's Guards. Sadly, Nicola died during childbirth and Hiro was left to raise their daughter Anju alone. Smart like her father and adventurous like her mother, Anju proved to be quite the handful, but was also an invaluable aid to her father's research. For political reasons, King Grunfeld appointed a nobleman's younger son (Simon Traust) to serve as Hiro's royal apprentice, though the opportunistic young man was neither smart nor trustworthy enough to aid in any worthwhile discoveries.

While studying ways to enhance the transdimensional tap crystals used to power the army's defensive gear, Hiro discovered that crystals could be modified to open portals to other dimensions. His discovery was short-lived - while demonstrating the effect to King Grunfeld, Hiro's apprentice revealed that he had been secretly recruited by the Immortal Demon King Shin Tsai. To protect his daughter and prevent the crystals from falling into Simon's hands, Hiro sent Anju and the crystals through a portal to Kosaten, Japan. He then proceeded to fight off the demons, buying time for her escape, before finally jumping through the closing portal himself.

Prof. Nakamatsu is extremely protective of his daughter and distrustful of new people. He has a genius-level intelligence both in terms of modern science and alchemy, though he has no aptitude as a magic user. Hiro can be secretive at times, only trusting his extradimensional origin to his best friend Grunfeld and his wife Nicola.

Powers and Abilities

Prof. Nakamatsu has bonded with an engineer's tap crystal, which allows him to wield magical firearms and summon grenades with a variety of damaging and debuffing effects.

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