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Game Summary[]

Legend of the Otaku is an anime-based role-playing game where you step into the shoes of Tenchi Takahashi, a hardcore anime addict, manga aficionado, and overall otaku-extraordinaire. Tenchi's life of fandom is abruptly interrupted by the sudden appearance of Anju, a mysterious girl from another dimension (aren't they always?). A viscious demonic overlord is conquering Anju's homeland, so her inventor-father sent her through a transdimensional portal with a set of powerful crystals, which are capable of tapping into the substantial energy existing at the crossroads of worlds. The crystals amplify the user's inner strength, turning Tenchi and his friends into the heroes that they always dreamed of being.

This game is a melting pot of every anime genre that has ever existed. Ever want to see futuristic mecha piloted by a magical girl take on a kaiju bound to a monster-trainer's summoning ball, while engaging in a food war with all of the waifus from your favorite harem show? Me too. As a huge anime fan, I designed Legend of the Otaku to give something back to anime fans everywhere. The story unfolds in a rich immersive environment, so feel free to explore, push buttons, open boxes, and discover all of its inside jokes, easter eggs, and other secrets.

The game is available for download free of charge. However, by supporting its development on Patreon, you can gain exclusive rewards such as: access to uncensored content, voting on new storylines and expansions, behind-the-scenes peek at the development process, inclusion in the game's credits, and (for a lucky few) inclusion of your own mini-avatars as NPCs, and much more!

What can you expect to see:[]

  • Medieval, modern, and futuristic role-playing, simultaneously.
  • Classic anime character classes – otaku, magical girl, mecha pilot, martial artist, monster trainer, Shinto priestess and more.
  • 10+ playable characters.
  • Quest progression.
  • Ridiculous inventory system including anime-based items not found in other games.
  • Rich cast of characters, each with their own backstories and narrative roles.
  • Character personality types: tsundere, moe, ojou, yandere, nadeshiko, kamidere, kuudere, genki, bokukko, dandere, loli, bifauxnen, dojikko, sensei, neko, meganekko, miko, mahou shoujo, imouto, aidoru, pasokon, ane, chibi, chikyugai.
  • Expansive maps – wander the streets of Tenchi's home town of Kōsaten, Anju's magical homeland, the halls of ancient monasteries, bubbling onsen, mystical Japanese folklore, and more.

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