Kazuo Shimatsu (aka "Lord Kazuo") is a lecherous spirit in residence at the Kosaten Onsen.

Fictional Biography

Kazuo was born in the small village of Kosaten in the late 1800's. Although his parents were hardworking rice farmers, Kazuo was notoriously lazy, often preferring to study woodblock prints by candlelight, which ultimately led to his poor eyesight. When not indoors, he could often be found perched on rooftops near the hot springs, peeping on young women and water elementals bathing there. One day, while squinting at a trio of young women, Kazuo lost his balance and fell head-first off the rooftop, sustaining a mortal injury and drowning in the hot spring. His perverted nature kept him from passing on to the next life and instead he awoke as a lecherous spirit, able to turn invisible and pass through objects. Kazuo embraced his newfound abilities and spent the next century peeping at women in the hot springs, amassing incredible spiritual power. His strength ultimately led other lecherous spirits to gather to him, until he declared himself "Kazuo, Lord of the Onsen."

Despite his unhealthy obsessions, Kazuo is not actually an evil spirit - just mischevious. However, as the Demon King's forces manifest portals throughout town, the rise in residual spiritual energy has driven the lecherous spirits mad with hunger, resulting in their feeding upon the mana of both the trapped water elementals and guests at the onsen. Their attacks are increasingly reported on social media, drawing the attention of both Tenchi and the local shrine.

Powers and Abilities

Kazuo is incredibly strong and can withstand massive amounts of damage. In addition to casting death spells, he can absorb mana from his enemies, powering his own attacks and diminishing their ability to sustain long fights. His longevity and lack of interest in leaving the material plane make him difficult to exorcise by ordinary means.

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