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Kaede Namura is a teacher at Kōsaten High School, but also secretly serves as a Colonel in the Self-Defense Force and head of the Xenological Defense Initiative.


Fictional Biography

Kaede is the younger daughter of General Genjiro Kobayashi and Hiroko Namura. Kaede's mother was the childhood friend of Hiro Nakamatsu, who mysteriously disappeared in the woods outside of Kōsaten. This led Hiroko to research both quantum physics and local folklore, desperate for an answer. Her studies led her to General Genjiro Kobayashi, who was charged with investigating naturally-occurring transdimensional portals in the Fukui region. The two ultimately fell in love and had two children (Kaede and her older brother Touma), but were never married. Sadly, during one of her mother's experiments into activating a natural portal, there was a massive explosion, destroying her lab and resulting in her disappearance. Kaede left her graduate studies at Tokyo University to continue her mother's research.


Kaede had a strained relationship with her father (now retired) both before and after her mother's death. In order to obtain the clearance level necessary to continue her mother's research, Kaede enlisted in the Self-Defense Forces against her father's wishes. Although her intention was to act as a civilian scientist for the military, she showed remarkable aptitude with firearms training and tactics. To maintain her cover, Kaede took a civilian job as a teacher at Kōsaten High School, where she met Tenchi Takahashi.

Kaede is a natural leader with an authoritative presence. She is pragmatic, level-headed, and can come off as direct to subordinates. However, she also has a sympathetic streak for her students and can be a compassionate and forgiving teacher. She frequently wears short, tight-fitting skirts and low-cut blouses, always willing to exploit the vulnerability of men to her sex appeal.

Powers and Abilities

Kaede successfully bonded with a marksman's tap crystal, enhancing her natural affinity as a sniper. She can wield a multitude of pistols and rifles, swiftly incapacitating or killing her enemies.