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Jiro Jotaro is a ninja of the Iga clan, who offers to help the heroes recover the Honjo Masamune from Takamagahara.

Fictional Biography

The son of Lord Saotama and Lady Kyoshi, Jiro was raised in the Iga ninja village outside of Kosaten. As a boy, he would occasionally sneak down from the mountain to observe life in the town below. As he grew older, his wandering nature would lead him to sneak through the portal to Takamagahara. When the Demon King's armies began appearing in Kosaten and the area outside his village, Jiro offered to help Tenchi and the heroes gather weapons for the impending battle.

Although handsome, athletic, and the son of the village leaders, Jiro's bizarre mannerisms and flighty nature make some people uncomfortable. He is prone to long pauses and striking odd poses in the middle of conversations, likely for dramatic effect. While possessing average intelligence, Jiro often overlooks things that others regard as "common sense."

Anju Nakamatsu was attracted to him immediately and repeatedly tries to gain his attention, to which he is completely oblivious. Instead, he is attracted to the athleticism of Kaori Saito, who finds him awkward and unrelatable.  Tenchi Takahashi admires his heroic appearance and demeanor.

Powers and Abilities

Jiro is an accomplished ninja, able to successfully sneak into secure facilities such as the Kosaten military base and the portal to Takamagahara without being seen. In addition to his master swordsmanship, martial arts prowess, and proficiency in ninja death magic, Jiro can also use explosive grenades to render opponents unconscious.