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Chisato Yamaguchi is a shrine maiden for the local Kosaten shrine.

Fictional Biography

Chisato knows very little about her birth parents, who disappeared when she was only two years old. She has been told that she has no living relatives, though there are few family records predating her birth. Apprenticed to Nun Umeko since childhood, Chisato has been raised at the Kosaten shrine to Inari since she was a little girl. She is compassionate and kind-hearted, but a horrible cook. Like REALLY bad. Specifically, when it is Chisato's turn to cook, Nun Umeko frequently orders out for ramen from Rockin' Momo Ramen, which led Chisato to meet Tenchi.

While fulfilling her duties as a shrine maiden, Chisato also focuses on developing her spiritual powers. She is occassionally called upon to perform exorcisms around town and cast healing spells over the sick or injured.

Tenchi Takahashi is attracted to Chisato, but is often shy and very intimidated by her.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to her spiritual powers of exorcism and healing, Chisato is also a master of archery and the successor to the Quivering Finger kyūdō technique.