Ayami Kumada is a senior at Kōsaten High School, in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan.

Ayami Bathroom.png

Fictional Biography

Ayami is the younger daughter of Sora and Rei Kumada. Like her classmates Tenchi Takahashi and Kaori Saito, she was born and raised in the town of Kōsaten on the northern coast of Japan. Although she has been in the same class with Tenchi and Kaori from primary school, she did not recognize Tenchi until he accidentally ran into her in the girls restroom (it's a long story). Her father is an executive with a global paper manufacturing company and her mother is a famous architect. Both of her parents work very long hours, which leaves Ayami home alone most of the time.  Her older brother, Kaito, is studying law at Tokyo University.

From a young age, her family's wealth and prominence in the community have placed pressure on Ayami to be popular. She is widely regarded as the most beautiful and most popular girl at Kōsaten High School, though she has few close friendships. She was elected class president when no other student dared to run against her.

Although she can sometimes seem superficial, pretentious, and materialistic, this is an act to hide her sensitive artistic soul. She loves to draw and paint, though no one besides her parents have ever seen her artwork.

Powers and Abilities

After bonding with a summoner transdimensional tap crystal, Ayami gained the ability to convert transdimensional energy to give life to her artwork. She uses the images in her notebook to pummel her enemies into submission.
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