Anju Nakamatsu is a native of Valhalla, the capital city of the continent of Asgard.


Fictional Biography

Anju was born the only daughter of Prof. Hiro Nakamatsu and Nicola Silvestri. Unfortunately, Nicola died in childbirth and Anju never met her mother, though there were several portraits of Nicola in the Nakamatsu home.

From a young age, Anju displayed a substantial talent in both engineering and alchemy. Rather than hire a tutor, Prof. Nakamatsu taught Anju himself, often enlisting her help in various experiments he conducted as the king's science advisor. However, when she wasn't assisting her father or pursuing her own studies, Anju could often be found at the castle's training yards, watching knights prepare for battle against the demon hordes. Due to her father's tendency to neglect both his personal health and the household, Anju taught herself to cook and sew.

She was present when Prof. Nakamatsu first discovered that the transdimensional tap crystals used to power the kingdom's defensive gear could be modified to open portals to other worlds. When demonstrating the effect for the king, Anju and her father were ambushed by her father's apprentice, Simon Traust. To protect his daughter and the crystals, Prof. Nakamatsu fought off the attackers and sent Anju through the portal, where she landed in the bathroom of Tenchi Takahashi in Kosaten, Japan. Tenchi helped her seek out the tap crystals she dropped while passing through the portal, resulting in her bonding with a crystal for the magical girl healer class. The two new friends succeeded in locating Prof. Nakamatsu, who entrusted Tenchi and Anju with safeguarding the remaining crystals, to keep them from falling into the hands of either the demon hordes or local military. As demon portals began appearing in town, Anju and her friends faced off against a Class 3 anomoly, during which Anju was severely injured.

Personality-wise, Anju has a rebellious and mischevious streak, often directly contradicting her father's wishes. She has instigated a rivalry with Kaori Saito, though it is unclear whether this is based on jealousy for Tenchi's affections or merely to establish herself as the dominant female in the group. At times, she can be very direct (ex: calling out Simon Traust) but her time in the royal court has also helped her refine the "backhanded compliment" (ex: expressing her opinions on Kaori's cooking).

Powers and Abilities

Anju's magical girl healer crystal allows her to summon powerful healing magic, using the "power of love" to regenerate the health and mana of her allies. She also have area-of-effect offensive powers, raining Cupid's Arrows upon unwitting enemies.

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